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Creator Jewels has three rules for life: follow your curiosity, just do it, and be who you are.

She is the CEO of How To Be Social and this week’s guest on the show. In this episode, we chat about her journey in educating others on how to be social and the obstacles she has overcome along the way. Here at ThriveOnLife, we believe that when we strive together, we thrive together and the only way to do that is to be social, so tune in and learn more about how to be social, dealing with rejection, building a brand as a creative, and so much more! 


- How to be social as an introvert 

- The value in starting a blog

- How to avoid getting screwed over as a creative

- Struggling to find rhythm 

- The importance in building a sales system

- How to deal with rejection

- How to look for talent when hiring a team 

- The importance of networking in creativity and as a creative 

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“You’re never going to be good at it until you do it, so just do it.” -Creator Jewels