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Wyatt Knight is a prime example of “being the change” and strives to encourage others to do the same through his 1% better mentality. He seeks to end every single day one percent better than he left the previous one. Tune in to listen to us chat about how Wyatt implements this mentality daily, as well as how to know your why, the importance of learning to say “no”, putting yourself out there, and more. See below for the full list of topics and lessons covered in this value packed conversation with Wyatt. 


- Fill your own cup before trying to fill other’s cups

- The importance of knowing your “WHY” 

- Follow your gut

- How to take the initial step in starting something

- Put yourself out there

- How to avoid running yourself into the ground

- Learning to say “No” to people

- The benefits of waking up early

- How to get to bed early

- Maximize every second of your day

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1% Better Club

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“The world needs more people living their best lives.” -Wyatt Knight