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Where you focus your time and energy today, helps to set the course for the rest of your life. It’s for this exact reason that creative entrepreneur, Jon Scotty, has made it a point in his life to seek clarity on where he wants to use his time and energy to help him get to the next level, all while helping others level up along the way.


In this episode, we cover topics such as surrounding yourself with the right people, helping others level up, seeking clarity, delegating your energy, and so much more. Tune in and enjoy this genuine, value-packed conversation about seeking clarity and thriving on community. 


- The importance of who you surround yourself with 

- Being the person to “lower the ladder” to help others climb up

- Deconstructing others to gain a better understanding of them 

- The beauty of being generous 

- Helping yourself through helping others

- Celebrating the little wins throughout the day

- The importance and benefits of seeking clarity 

- Getting clear of where you want to focus your time and energy 

- Why being free is preferable to being busy

- How to tell a story through content 


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“I can't just live a life of comfort and complacency” -Jon Scotty