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E62 Managing Your Stress with Courtney Peacock 


“Our experience as a human being is what health should mean.” -Courtney Peacock

Stress is something we are likely all very familiar with. How many of us are actually managing stress in such a way that helps us to THRIVE though? This week's guest, Courtney Peacock, is an expert in helping people just like you learn how to manage stress and create boundaries so that you may become the CEO of your own life. In this episode, she shows us how she overcame alcohol and substance abuse, left her corporate job, and completely transformed her life to create one where she now lives #forthepeople. Tune in and learn more about how to manage your stress so you can start THRIVING. 


- How to read and manage stress

- How to leverage being a polymath

- How to use your current interests in an entrepreneurial way 

- How to take ownership of your life and decisions 

- How to overcome fear in making decisions

- How to build confidence in yourself

- How to create boundaries in your life and the importance of doing so


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“As a society, we have been taught to fear stress and that it’s really bad for us, but we are actually beings who have THRIVED because of our adaptation to stress.” -Courtney Peacock