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Rachel Musquiz is truly a breath of fresh air in the way that she does life. She does what makes her feel good, simple as that, and the life she has built for herself is an inspiring example of what happens when you trust your gut, lean into your passions, work hard, and take care of your health. 

Rachel is the Founder and CEO of Curcuma, a conscious food company founded on the belief that food is medicine and with the mission to nourish the people intentionally and sustainably. You may have heard of her famous Golden Mylk and had a visit to the food truck in Austin!

Rachel brings fiery energy to the pod as she walks us through her very unconventional journey to finding her passion, fulfilling her purpose and growing and scaling her business to the point that she can take a step back and go on an exciting cross country road trip!

Learn all about how she went from working at E! News in LA, to getting her Masters in Media in New York and working for Vanity Fair, to being a chef in Italy with zero formal culinary education, to spotting a cute food truck in Austin, buying it three days later and figuring it all out as she went along. Plus, learn more about herbalism and Ayurveda, an ancient natural healing system that is all about living in balance.


  • How to handle making decisions in life and business when you don’t know what the outcomes will be (aka literally any time you need to make a decision)

“I was a chef ‘cause I said I was one, and I just learned how to do that.”

  • Rachel’s backstory and journey that has led her all over the country, all over the world, with many different diplomas and certificates

“I believe everything works out in your favor at the right time. And it's just up to us to kind of remove the blocks and remove the layers so that we can see when those opportunities are there for us.”

  • Moving on when it’s time to move on and dive into the next thing even when you don’t have it all figured out

“It's not about making the right decision. It's about making the decision right.”

  • What is herbalism and Ayurveda and how can it help you THRIVE

  • How she has scaled her food truck business to have a product line that ships nationally, an 8 week mentorship program teaching Ayurvedic lifestyle, and more coming soon

  • What she has learned personally and business wise through the pandemic

“The only thing to be scared of is staying the same. If you know it's not working, there's really nothing to lose by changing it.”

  • The darkest point in her early business days when she almost gave up, and how she pulled through


  • Don’t spend too much time and energy on low margin things. Look for a high margin and then create a loss leader (in Rachel’s business, her food truck is the loss leader- which pulls people into her world, and then they discover all the other online products)

  • Nature provides everything that we need- you can get your food from your local farmer to support your wellbeing instead of ordering the supplement from Siberia

  • Have backup cash plan before diving into entrepreneurship. Don’t ask your creativity to light you up AND pay your bills

  • On making decisions: “If I make this decision and I would rather love the struggle of this decision or hate the indecision of this other one, I'll go with the one where it's I made this decision, I love this and there's going to be problems and I'm okay with the problems.” -CJ

  • Give yourself permission to show up however it feels good and stop doing things that don’t make you feel good


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

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