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Stefan Djordjevic’s biggest dream since he was a young boy has been to go to mars.

Simple, right?

For a while, Stefan thought he would accomplish this by becoming an astronaut. But after getting a taste for what it’s truly like working for NASA, and due to his not being the most perfect human specimen, as per the requirements to be an astronaut, Stefan resolved to get there by a different path.

Stefan is a pilot, ironman, breakdancer, tech start up investor, app developer, filmmaker, and is always innovating.

Want to know his big “moonshot idea” to disrupt the marketplace, make millions, and get to mars? Tune in to find out.

This conversation is truly….out of this world;)

Stefan Djordjevic comes on the Thrive On Life Podcast with CJ Finley to talk about tech start up investing in Austin Texas

Key Themes in this Episode

  • How Stefan became obsessed with the idea of going to mars
  • How gamed his way to working at NASA despite getting rejected multiple times
  • Why working at NASA wasn’t all he thought it would be and how he pivoted to achieve his dream a different way

“I’d rather live a life of ‘oh wells’ than ‘what ifs.”

Stefan Djordjevic is a guest on the Thrive On Life podcast to talk about tech start up investing

  • How he made $28,000 in 4 days and how it was a huge burden for a month
  • The big gap he sees in the e-commerce industry and how he intends to fill it with innovative technology
  • What he means when he says he’s “productizing” himself
  • What is a “loss leader” and how can it help your business grow?

Key Lessons in this Episode

  • Avoid short-term thinking to make a quick buck.
  • Think long-term, sustainable wealth

“The fastest way to make money, is slowly.”

  • Even in the face of rejection, always stay persistent
  • If you get a threat from a lawyer to cease and desist, try and get to the bottom of why they’re actually mad at you
  • Use a loss leader, for example a hat with your logo on it, that you give to people for free (so you are losing that money) but you are gaining exposure and therefore opportunities to make much more money than what it cost to produce the hat
  • Exposure=opportunity=curreny
  • If it’s not going to matter in five years, don’t stress about it for longer than five minutes

How to pivot your business on the Thrive On Life Podcast


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