We are a group of individuals that have come together to propel a mission forward. A mission that relishes in the fact that we can go so much further in life...TOGETHER.

Collectively we are a team of doers, creators, thinkers, and HUMANS driven by our imagination and belief in making the world a better place to live while we are here.

Our brand is our outlet to help people like you build disruptive products, better manage your services and teams, solve problems within your community, and ultimately grow your own mission to THRIVE.

Adrenaline junky, athlete, serial entrepreneur, husband, CJ quit his engineering career to pursue his passion of helping the world, and the people on it, THRIVE.

CJ Finley

Entrepreneur, Creative, Musician & Martial Artist….more like Jack of all trades and master of none. Other than daydreaming about building businesses, Hamza is a sucker for gritty action movies, quality sushi and adrenaline-rushing experiences.

Hamza Abdallah

All things creative rule Jasmine’s life - whether it’s video production, songwriting, photography, or unfinished painted canvases - she is obsessed with expression. After she’s had her fix running around with her camera or flying a drone you can find her failing to land a kickflip at your local skatepark or searching for the city’s best sushi spot.

Jasmine Quinones

Jake loves anything and everything creative. Whether it's making music, designing clothes, or writing his latest blog post, he is all about all things creative! He is a coffee fanatic and loves reading and listening to music on his record player.

Jake Allen

Multi-passionate entrepreneur who is obsessed with the process. Holistic health hermit. Creme brûlée slayer. Best show of all time is Star Trek: Next Generation - favorite character is Deanna by a landslide. Avid researcher, runner, and reader. Here to help you THRIVE, not just survive.

Courtney Peacock

Excited by design and tech, you can usually find Ishani tinkering away as she works on personal projects and moves back and forth between planning and prototyping. When she's not trying to automate her drone and learn about AI, you can find her training for boxing, initiating group hugs, and trying to get through the books she's been meaning to read.

Ishani Narwankar