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Helping mission based people, brands, and businesses THRIVE on life, love, health, and everything in between. Listen in as CJ Finley speaks with others who seek to THRIVE, not just survive.

Monthly Virtual Learning Sessions

Each month invite some of the best and brightest minds in our community to present. Checkout our latest lessons below.

Ellie Rome

This presentation will help busy entrepreneurs create sustainable healthy eating habits no matter what their stress load.

Courtney Peacock

A deep dive into stress management, mindset, and building resilience as an entrepreneur with Courtney Peacock, Stress Coach & Business Mentor.


"I’m sitting on eight 1on1 clients, I’m nearly matching my corporate income, I’m not stressed anymore, and each client is happy. I’m still getting leads & landing 1-2 contracted clients each month. Most importantly, I’m documenting my processes, which will allow me to hire a VA soon & give new clients to my head coach Zach. That is possible because of what I’ve learned from CJ."
Corey Lawson
"In such a short period of time, less than 3 months of coaching with CJ, he has already helped me better systemize my business, giving me back more energy to work ON my business versus feeling like I'm drowning in my business. HE has helped me better understand marketing strategy, deliver an amazing 21 Day Group Reset, serve my one on one clients better, strategize for my Podcast, and continue to THRIVE."
Ellie Rome


One team, with really BIG DREAMS to help other movers and shakers make this world a better place. One where we all can THRIVE!

We refuse to restrict ourselves to standard titles or labels. At the end of the day we are PEOPLE on a MISSION. Just like you, we have hopes, fears, dreams, failures, and everything else that life seems to throw at us. Yet, we remain steadfast in the belief that we can go much further in life TOGETHER…and we’d love to have you become a part of it!

So please feel free to connect with us individually, or as a team, and join us on the pursuit to help ourselves, and everyone around us, #thriveonlife



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